The first snail farm in Ukraine!

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About us
  • Since 2015
  • Voynivka village, Ukraine
  • The first in Ukraine

5 years of experience

‘’RAWLIK-2016’’ is a farm that grows Mediterranean and African snails. We are the first officially registered company that started this business in Ukraine.

USH (Ukrainian Snail Holding) is the first company in Ukraine that produces semi-finished snail meat. Production facilities are located in Poltava region - an ecologically clean region of Ukraine.


2 types of clams



Snails Helix Aspersa Muller, or "small gray" are in great demand and are more expensive than Helix Maxima. They reach maturity at the age of 5-6 months. The diameter of the shell is 27-37 mm. Weigh 6-15 g of shellfish and lay 50-150 eggs.



Snails Helix Aspersa Maxima, or "large gray" are extremely popular in Europe. The diameter of the shell is 37-47 mm. Adult individuals reach puberty for 5-6 months, weigh 16-25 g and lay 80-250 eggs.

Maxima and Muller are 3-4 times more expensive and have better characteristics than Helix Pomatia - grape snail, which reaches maturity in 2 years.

Steps of the breeding and growing of Helix Aspersa


3 kinds of cultivation



50 tons / year

"Snail-2016" is a land plot of 2 hectares, an area of up to 500 m³, two greenhouses of 200 m 2, a refrigerating chamber of 500 m³ for growing 50 tons per year. This is the optimal amount of farms for quality snails processing and obtaining a stable profit.

7.3 m

9 000 000

9 000 000 million young ones are the volume is serving 10 farm workers per year. We returned the investment for the season: they invested in hryvnias and received in euros. Increased their profits by 300-400%. We are developing the country's economy.


3 warehouses

1. Barcelona, ​​Spain
2. Turin, Italy (opening is expected)
3. Lisbon, Portugar (opening is expected)


Taught 541 people

Our goal is to educate as high as possible more Ukrainians in high-income businesses. To do this, a research center was set up on the basis of the farm "RAVLIK-2016". During study, students attend a farm and see all 9 stages of snail breeding.

  • 5 years of experience
  • 50 tons / year
  • Taught 541 people
  • Helped to open 80 farms

Helped to open 80 farms

This business is only developing in Ukraine. There are a lot of sheep farms in the world, but they do not satisfy the world market: today people use about 800 thousand tons / year, and they want - up to 1.5 million tons / year! Thanks to our experience, we help to create our own business in the field of innovative farm farming.

img1 Poland 1000 farms
img2 France 3000 farms
img3 Italy 3000 farms
img4 Spain 2500 farms