For those who plan to set up their own snail farm, we offer:

SUPPORT (2 years)

Repeat visit
Description of the photo of the growing process (methodology)
Financial model 50 t/year
List of equipment contacts for the farm in Ukraine
Growing technology
Consultation on equipment (size, collection, installation, specificity of work)
Ability to purchase young and royal herds at a discount (subscription, reservation)
Free stocking in our stock before the season begins
Accompaniment before the start of the incubation (season)
Workshop on a farm in Voynivka village (10 visits)
Full support with training and daily consultation (departure to the farm during each stage of cultivation) - 2 years
Access to a group of farmers (Whatsapp)
Ability to buy 3 formulas of the feed
Assistance in creating the necessary equipment and construction of the farm (+ selection of land)
Help to open FG on a preferential basis without paying taxes

To find out the price and recording, call the number 067 532 17 37,
or fill out the form.

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